"During the last few years we have worked with David on several occasions and have been very pleased with the results in each case. Our first project was particularly noteworthy, as we were living out of state at the time and were unable to monitor how things were proceeding as the work progressed. Nonetheless, David did an excellent job of communicating with us on a regular basis, and frequently offered design suggestions we had not previously considered and which served to enhance the project. In short, we have found David's work to be of the highest quality, and his ability to understand his client's wishes and vision were such that we have always felt comfortable working with him. Additionally, it is clear that he is adept at coordinating and directing the efforts of numerous."
Larry / Stephanie Zuntz
St. Helena
"David installed crown molding in our house in Oakville. He completed the job ahead of schedule and the craftsmanship was stunning, and absolutely flawless."
George Gmelch Phd.
Professor of Anthropology
"David is truly a gem. His work ethic, skills and professionalism are top-notch. My project included a period correct addition of over 2,000 sq ft on my landmark status Victorian built in 1888. In many ways, this project was especially difficult because it included both the excavation of the cellar to create a finished basement and the addition of a totally new second story. The result was a near trippling of the overall sq footage without increasing the overall footprint of the original structure! In addition, all of the internal systems, heating, plumbing, electrical were completed replaced using the latest building and construction technology. David put together and managed an extremely well qualified and professional team of sub-consultants for this project and he was ALWAYS available to discuss the project and implementation details with me. Oh, to top things off, David did all of this while my family of four lived in the house!"
Steve Kokotas / Tracy Geraghty
"David Foster served as our general contractor for a major remodel of our home at Silverado. He is a pleasure to work with, a highly creative master craftsman and an innovative problem solver. In addition to his consistently excellent work, he was able, on the several occasions we couldn't get the right materials from our suppliers, to provide wonderful alternatives - so wonderful, in fact, that we liked the finished product better than what we had originally envisioned! David not only knows how to do things himself, but he also knows the right people to get the best job done at a reasonable price. We were very pleased with subcontractors he brought in and the quality of the work they did for us. David keeps a very clean job site, which we appreciated very much. He was also respectful of our neighbors and the rules of our community. Most of all, we were impressed that David always did what he said he was going to do. If he made an appointment, he kept it, and didn't keep us waiting. We could rely on him. We are delighted to recommend him without hesitation."
Frank / Fran Abbott
"When we met David in person and spoke to him about our project, he was able to conceptually visualize our ideas and immediately made recommendations on how we could make the project even better than we had anticipated. After meeting David in person, we knew he was the contractor who we wanted to build our project. While "exceeding the client's expectations" is, for most, marketing fluff, David truly achieved this lofty goal. What I liked best about working with David was his eye for color and design. During the initial phases of the project, I was faced with numerous design challenges that I could not have gotten through without him. David helped me select colors and materials that all worked together to create a project that was far better than I had ever imagined. Our complimentary visions took a simple plan on paper and transformed it into a breathtaking outdoor living area."
John / Trish Danby
"David Foster Inc. did a complete kitchen remodel as well as upgrades throughout our home. David was a great resource for design ideas and helped us make decisions along the way. We were extremely happy with the experience from the quality of work to the timely manner which the projects were completed. We have recommended David without hesitation to family and friends."
Jim / Joanne Lincoln
"David Foster Construction was our contractor for a major remodel to our St. Helena residence in 1999. The project involved extensive work on our existing house as well as building a new structure with guest bedroom and bath. We were extremely pleased with the quality of David's work, his personal commitment to the project, and the end results. We worked together to go beyond the architectural plans, to add warmth and beauty to our home. With his creative flair David added details that turned simple features into elegant finishing touches. We would definitely use David Foster Construction again on either a new house or a remodel, and we heartily recommend the firm to others."
Rich Auger / Mary Radu
St. Helena
"David has done several major projects for us on our 100 year-old Victorian house since we moved to Napa 3 years ago. We found him through personal references, and his reputation for craftsmanship and integrity is well-deserved. David is the most professional contractor we have ever worked with. Even when he has many projects going he somehow manages to return his calls promptly. His communication style is friendly but precise, and his work is always excellent, whether he is overseeing his crew or doing the work himself. He is very knowledgeable about his craft and doing work in the Bay Area. He is also very creative and has a very good sense of design and style, which makes it great fun working with him. We look forward to our next project with David."
Jeff / Joanne Conklin